Who Vacations At Sandy Bottoms? Who are our guests?

Who Vacations At Sandy Bottoms? Who are our guests?

2 couples standing in water on a beach at dusk
2 Couples Partying on the Beach Together

Curious about booking your next summer vacation at Sandy Bottoms but need to know a little more? Here is some information on WHO vacations with us, what they are looking to get out of time spent with us and where they come from.


Sandy Bottoms Resort vacationers are primarily Ontario residences but also those who travel from the US and beyond. Ages range from 25 to retired, but the majority of our guests are 35-55 years of age. The majority of our guests are loving, open-minded couples, as Sandy Bottoms is a clothing-optional resort designed specifically for couples. We also get a smattering of single ladies looking for a safe space to vacation. We do not allow single men at our resort, so the single ladies can breath easy and not have to worry about being constantly hit on.


Many visitors are looking for a vacation destination that is out of the ordinary. They want to explore their sexual interests without fear of tipping the boat, so to speak. Some are simply looking for a clothing optional resort where they can shed their clothing along with their inhibitions and bask in the sun. The feel of the sun and a warm breeze on bare flesh is a delight that so many ‘ordinary’ folks never experience.


Some of our guests are swingers, some are nudists, some are voyeurs and exhibitionists, and we get a few kinky-minded guests as well. But what all of our guests enjoy the most: a chance to be themselves, a place where they can let their hair down, and don’t have to censor their speech on our child-free resort.


We have heard guests talk about the economy of vacationing with us as well, as we are ‘self-catering’ and not licensed. This means guests pack enough food and beverages for their vacation and cook on premise. Meal times become a very social time, with many guests sharing BBQ’s and the kitchens at the same time. Many couples even eat together and share meals.


Then there’s the Event Schedule that keeps everyone active and social. There is no requirement to participate in any of the events, but many guests do so as it’s a great ice breaker to meet other guests and is a lot of fun. The activities aren’t strenuous at all and are designed with an eye on instigating a little adult fun.


Do you still have questions? Have a look at our FAQ page for more answers!


So as you can see, guests at Sandy Bottoms Resort are as varied as anywhere, and you’ll fit right in! Worried about being the ‘newbie’? Not to worry. We love newbies and only want your experience to be the very best! Our guests agree and are waiting to welcome you when you arrive!