What You Should Expect to See at Sandy Bottoms

What You Should Expect to See at Sandy Bottoms

Many new guests arrive for their vacation at Sandy Bottoms Resort with a little trepidation as they aren’t completely sure what to expect. But those who arrive with an open mind settle right in and enjoy their time with us. Those who are more close-minded, or have set expectations are often disappointed we aren’t exactly what they were hoping for.

Sandy Bottoms philosophy has always been to offer a safe and private space where guests can be themselves. Guests can explore their sexuality safely and without judgment. Of course, there are rules in place to help every guest feel comfortable. These rules are explained at check-in so everyone understands the resorts expectations of our guests.

We get a lot of nudists vacationing with us. Unfortunately, in Ontario, opportunities for nudism aren’t plentiful and are either ‘family-friendly’ where children are present or ‘naturist’ parks, which is a totally different mindset from what we are all about. Sandy Bottoms is clothing optional so our guests can decide how much they bare when they want to bare it or to stay covered up. There is no ‘nude side/prude side’ like at other resorts, as we don’t have the property size. If you aren’t a nudist and are uncomfortable being around naked people, this may not be the vacation destination for you.

Rule: If you are naked, please sit on a towel as opposed to directly on the furniture that someone else would like to sit on later. This is a standard rule of nudity at any space.

Many swingers vacation with us as well, but this doesn’t mean other couples will be constantly hitting on you. On the contrary, these couples are the most social, respectful and easy-going guests we have. Most arrive with expectations of making new friends and enjoying the atmosphere with the possibility of connecting with other like-minded couples. If you are not interested in the swinging lifestyle, a quick verbal confirmation to that end if anyone asks will have everyone on the same page.

Rules: If interested in playing with others, be sure to communicate clearly as newbies may not recognize your intent. No means no. No touching without consent.

We also attract those from the Polyamory community: those couples who have a third play partner or another couple that they are close to and/or play sexually with. Let’s face it… where can a man, his wife, and their girlfriend, for example, go on vacation and fit in? Sandy Bottoms! Want to hang out on the beach as a triad and make out? We’re ok with that! We do not allow single men on our resort, so poly groups can be tricky but we’re open to them.

Exhibitionists often find Sandy Bottoms, because this is the hardest lifestyle to find a vacation destination for. Those who want to have sex or perform sexual acts in public will find a place here as well. There are spaces that are off-limits to sexual play. But we are perfectly fine with public sex happening on the beach, floating day beds, docks, lake, trampoline or on the grassy areas away from the main lounge. The trampoline on the lake seems to be the number one place for naughty shenanigans, and we’re ok with that too!

Rule: No sexual play at all in the Lounge (main communal building), on our 3 tier deck including in the hot tub and conversation pool, nor on any of our fabric furniture.

Many couples consider themselves as ‘a pleasure seeker’. This simply means acting sexy and participating in sexy opportunities. These couples dress provocatively, often in sexy costumes and outfits, and are sometimes nude or partially nude. They flirt openly with their partner and others, and party unhindered by the shackles of regular society.

This is truly what Sandy Bottoms Resort is all about: the opportunity to explore your clothing-optional journey in whatever way YOU want. As long as all guests follow the rules put in place to make EVERYONE feel safe and comfortable, there is still plenty of leeway to get your sexy on!