Summer Activity Schedule

Sandy Bottoms Summer Activity Schedule

Daily morning Clothing Optional Yoga on the dock.


Afternoon – Meet & Greet
Get unpacked an then it’s time to meet the other Sandy Bottoms vacationers and see who you’ll be spending the week with! Put on your favourite, sexy afternoon outfit, grab a drink and come hang out with others on the deck and meet your fellow attendees!

Evening – Naughty Uniform Theme Night
Nurse. Police. School Girl. Hangout by the campfire or Couples Lounge and get to know your fellow attendees


Morning – Many Hands Massage
Ever wanted to be part of a group massage? Or give/receive a massage in the midst of others also massaging? Here’s your chance! We’ll provide a few massage tables. You bring a yoga mat, towel, cot, blow up mattress or something to lay on. Tables are first come first serve, others can use the stage or spread out around the Pavilion. BYO Massage Oil!

Evening – Beach Party!
We’re having a Luau!! Wanna get lei’d? We’ve got you covered! What you wear is up to you! Be sure to pack a few drinks to take to the beach to save the trip back to your room later! We’ll provide ice to keep it chilled! Fire spinning, dance music, skinny dipping… what more could you ask for at Sandy Bottoms!


Afternoon – Body Painting on the Beach
We’ll provide the paint, you provide the canvas!

Afternoon – Wine Tasting Social
Do you have a favourite wine? Or make your own? Bring a bottle along with you to the Lounge to share with other guests. Here’s a chance to taste, socialize and perhaps connect with others over your favourite vino!

Evening – Campfire Jam & Drum Circle
Swinging Stars! Come to the main campfire this evening and bring your musical talents! Do you play guitar? Keyboard? Do you sing? This is the place to showcase that awesome talent!! After 9:30, we’ll break out drums, tambourines, shakers and other percussion instruments for all to share and we’ll have a Drum Circle for an hour! This is the time to break out those coin belts and let your inhibitions fly as you dance around the fire to the tribal beats your fellow guests are providing! After an hour, we’ll put the music up so you can dance and connect with others.


Afternoon – Sexy Olympics
We’ll break into teams and push through our paces as we participate in fun and sexy games and obstacle courses to see who comes out on top! Bring your competitive nature and some sturdy shoes to compete safely. But above all else, let’s laugh and have some fun! Clothing optional, as always!

Evening – Potluck Dinner & WILD WEST Night!
Our guest-hosted potluck dinner is always a hit and EVERYONE is invited!! We’ll set up the Pavilion for dinner. We will provide tables, seating, plates, cutlery and napkins. You provide the delicious cuisine and your own drinks. Feel free to come already dressed for our Wild West theme dance! Wear your favourite cowboy boots and hat or that checked denim shirt and/or Daisy Dukes and hobnob with other guests over a fantastic and plentiful meal! After dinner, we’ll remove the tables, clear the dance floor and make way for plenty of Boot Stompin’ fun! Let the shenanigans begin!


Afternoon – Pastie Make’n’Take
Create your own pasties for the evenings Pastie Night Theme Dance.

Afternoon – Blender Party Sip & Socialize
BYOB to the Cabana and we’ll whip up delicious, icy drinks.

Evening – Deck Party & Pastie Night
We’ll be partying on the deck! Hot tub…. Conversation Pool…. Dancing & Socializing.


Afternoon – Raft Party
We’re taking the party onto the lake today! Bring along your blow up floaties and multi-person rafts and shuttle guests out of the floating raft on your private lake. Hang out on the trampoline or paddle around the lake. There will be plenty of naughtiness and what you wear is up to you! Clothing optional, but don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!!

Evening – GLOW Party in the Pleasure Dome
Wear your favourite neon, glow in the dark, light up, or black light sensitive sexy club wear and shine like the stars! The party will be at the main campfire and the dance floor will be hopping all night long! Come and shine with your fellow guests!


Check out and Bye Bye Brunch
Pack up your room and be checked out by 11. Then head to the Lounge for our final chance to hang out with others.  Bring your leftovers and enjoy a potluck brunch that will fuel you for the drive home. Share a meal, exchange contact information and make plans for next summer at Sandy Bottoms.

Inclement Weather

We don’t have any control over the elements and it occasionally rains on our parade! But we’ve got you covered! Don’t hide in your room, come out and join us!
Rainy Days/Evenings: We’ll move the party to the Pavilion.