10 Reasons to Vacation at Sandy Bottoms!

10 Reasons Why Couples Vacation at Sandy Bottoms Resort


Surely, there are more reasons than this to visit a couples resort, but most guests seem to fit into one of these categories. Where do you fit into the list?



In this busy world, it’s hard to be rested enough to give your full attention or give it your all. Sandy Bottoms is the perfect place to slow down and catch your breath!

- sleep in, don’t set an alarm

- sunbath, take a nap on the beach

- float on the water, day dream

- escape your busy life/job for awhile

- kids back in school or at Summer Camp – take some time for yourself

- we push ourselves too hard – reward that with some down time



Remember when you first met and how you felt about each other? Rekindle that. Or perhaps you are in a new relationship: let it shine!

- no distractions from busy life, stop and enjoy each others company

- reconnect with your life partner, get to know them all over again

- gaze into their eyes, hold hands, kiss under the moon

- prepare a delicious meal, set it up as a romantic dinner, enjoy a leisurely drink

- honeymoon in Ontario, don’t waste money and time flying to another country

- take time to communicate with each other, rediscover the person you fell in love with



What’s more to say? Here are a few of the biggies, but I’m sure you have your own reasons to celebrate. Why not at Sandy Bottoms?

- birthday, anniversary (wedding, first date, first anything you like!)

- promotion at work

- your child’s graduation (this could also come under Reward!)

- engagement, marriage, hand-fasting, commitment ceremony

- pregnancy

- divorce (well, why not? Bring your friends to help you celebrate this one!)



A great time to examine your life, take stock, make plans and boost your energy before going back to ‘fight the good fight’.

- breath the fresh air, clear your head

- ground yourself – feet on the ground, in the lake or in the sand

- be outdoors, away from technology – connect with nature

- watch the sunrise or sunset, remember we are just a part of the bigger picture

- go for walks, listen to nature’s call, do yoga, or read a book – whatever helps you de-stress and makes you happy



Move your body in ways its not used to after sitting behind a desk for so long.

- walk – hiking trails abound, bring appropriate footwear

- bicycling – bring your own bike, or use the Resorts mountain bikes and helmets

- swimming – 25ft deep, clear lake with a floating diving platform and slide

- boating – paddle boat, kayak, canoes, standing paddle boards all available for guests

- water trampoline – can it get any more fun??

- dance – in whatever way the music makes you move



This one’s on you, but the opportunity is there. Feed your machine!

- no distractions (job, kids, chores) to keep you from cooking a fantastic meal

-full, well equipped kitchen with all pots/pans, dishes and utensils you might need

- cook exactly what you like, the way you like it

- BBQ’s, propane and BBQ utensils are all provided as well

- appetite – good, fresh air and exercise create a healthy appetite, so feed it!



What can I say? It’s the perfect place to party, with the communal Lounge, Tiki bar and fire pit. Hang out with other guests, or bring your own friends along!

- bring whatever you’d like to eat/drink. Sandy Bottoms is not licensed nor is there a restaurant (15 minutes into town for supplies)

- no need to drive after a night of drinking – your room is just steps away

- float on the lake – dock, floating dock, trampoline, or bring a floatie to lounge on

- tiki bar is beside the firepit, has a fridge and sink, and is ready for your party



If we don’t reward ourselves, who will?

- milestone reached – weight loss, exercise, etc

- quit a bad habit – smoking, nail biting, swearing (Hey! Take it where you can get it!)

- new job or promotion, pay raise

- for a job well done

- anniversary of volunteer services



Sandy Bottoms is a Clothing Optional resort, so dare to bare as you will.

- no expectations for guests to be naked. Explore at your own pace

- be with other like minded folks, enjoy the atmosphere

- no need to pack a lot for a weekend away, especially if the weather will be nice

- bask in the sun, skinny dip in the lake, go boating or lounge in the hottub – sans clothing



Not all guests at Sandy Bottoms will be on exactly the same hedonism page as you, as the word means something different to different people. The keys are respect and communication!

- go skinny dipping

- explore your exhibitionists side

- shuck your clothing along with your inhibitions

- flirt, dance and be naughty

- swap partners: soft or full – this is where communication comes in!

- explore kink, naturalism, polyamory or swinging in a safe environment



And a Bonus Reason: NO KIDS!! Adults Only, 21+.

No noise, no responsibility, no screaming. Need we say any more?


So, for whatever reason YOU have, make it Sandy Bottoms!!

hedonism resort

Intimate Experiences to Make You Closer to Your Partner

Intimacy: everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it. It’s not as easy as a few extra hugs and kisses here and there; sometimes it requires a much bigger commitment, and for both partners to work at it. Intimacy means a sense of closeness that you feel with your partner, even though you are two separate beings. But once the initial exciting stages of a new relationship wear off intimacy changes and is different for every couple. There are ways that you can find intimacy in your relationship once more, without going on a fancy trip and spending a lot of money. Try some of these of these now, to kick-start your relationship.

  1. Remember the past

Come up with a list of five times that you felt very close to your partner, and have them do the same. Don’t overthink it, and let the memories surface. Then write down all the things you thought and felt about that time. Look at what it made it special for you, and identify those emotions for you both to do in the future. This can help you both say what you need in a relationship out loud, as some partners can assume that the other person knows, when they don’t. It can also help pinpoint some of the reasons why you don’t feel as close now as you did in the past.

  1. Do something special

A great exercise to do together is something your partner loves, but that you aren’t as interested in, so you can learn more about them. If your partner loves cars, go to a car show with him, and let him show you what he’s most interested in. It can be fun to see your partner get passionate about something, and help you reconnect. Talk to each other about the experience afterwards, and let him know that you enjoyed seeing his passion.

  1. Be open and honest

While social media promotes being completely open with all of your friends online, try saving something from your day, and telling only your partner all about it. It doesn’t have to be a big secret, but it will designate your partner as the special person who hears all of your thoughts and feelings from the day, whether good or bad.

  1. Express interests without looking for common ground

Couples may find it threatening if they’re too different from each other. They may think that these opposing interests will drive them apart. But it really is okay to have differing opinions and interests. It can help you both grow up and see a different side of your partner, as a whole person on their own.

  1. Remember why you like your partner

Think about the things that attracted you to your partner when you first met. Remember how it felt when you first fell in love, and try to recreate it. Keep your partner in mind in a positive way.

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