Myth Busting at a Hedonistic Retreat in Ontario

Myth Busting at a Hedonistic Retreat in Ontario

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Sandy Bottoms Resort prides itself on being open-minded and allowing it’s guests the pursuit of hedonistic bliss. Of course, every couple’s idea of ‘hedonism’ does not mesh seamlessly with the next, so we must be open to allow each guest to explore on their own terms. That is why the resort is ‘clothing optional’, rather than being strictly a nudist resort.

Many guests arrive with a certain idea in their mind, and often they are pleasantly surprised. We thought we’d try to dispel some of these myths to ease your mind.


  • You must be a swinger or nudist to vacation at Sandy Bottoms.

Nope, not true. We cater to couples who are hedonistic, not just swingers, and not just nudists. Hedonism is the pursuit of happiness, usually in the sexual context, and some guests may be interested in something a little different than the next. We strive to provide a space where our guests are comfortable doing the things they can’t do anywhere else. Like get naked, go skinny dipping, dress provocatively, flirt with their partner and others, and potentially be intimate in public. Some are exhibitionists, others are voyeurs. Some just want to not have to edit their speech due to children nearby. And so, while we do have swingers and nudists that vacation with us, not all are. We get quite the mix, and most get along well.


  • My partner will find someone new and leave me.

This is very unlikely, as all of our guests are couples. We don’t allow single men at Sandy Bottoms, which alleviates this concern for many. If you are monogamous, and many of our guests are, have ground rules in place between the two of you as to what can and cannot happen while on vacation and go from there. And then honor them. We take pride in fostering a safe and respectful atmosphere, where comfort, consent, and respect is a priority.


  • Only people with perfect bodies go to places like this.

Also not true. Sandy Bottoms guests are as varied and different as they are anywhere else. We pride ourselves on providing a non-judgemental space where guests are free to explore hedonism at their own pace, in their own way. You’ll see people of all sizes, including over and underweight ones. We have seen stretch marks, scars, blemishes and more, and no one was judging. If you’re hung up about your body, wear something gauzy or slightly revealing and watch the other guests. You’ll realize no one is looking at you, and soon you’ll be able to let it go.


  • Only Old People Go There

So not true! We allow guests as young as 21, and they certainly do come that young. And while we also get guests over 65, that’s also not the norm. The average age range for guests at Sandy Bottoms is 35-55.


  • It’s just one big orgy all week long.

Ha! Good one! Also not true. It is true that one might see public sex of some type in an open area, but it’s usually short-lived, and rarely more than just a couple. We have rules to keep the communal spaces free of sexual activity, such as in the lounge, on the 3 tier deck and in our hot tub and pool, but otherwise, feel free to let the shenanigans happen in the open spaces. The trampoline out on the lake seems to be the most popular place to play during the day, where voyeurs can watch from the beach. Sandy Bottoms is less about having sex, and more about providing an opportunity for couples to start or continue their hedonistic journey, in whatever way they prefer.


So as you can see, the myths and assumptions that keep many couples from exploring at Sandy Bottoms just aren’t true. What is true is this: A Sandy Bottoms Resort vacation is what YOU make of it!