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Intimate Experiences to Make You Closer to Your Partner

Intimacy: everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it. It’s not as easy as a few extra hugs and kisses here and there; sometimes it requires a much bigger commitment, and for both partners to work at it. Intimacy means a sense of closeness that you feel with your partner, even though you are two separate beings. But once the initial exciting stages of a new relationship wear off intimacy changes and is different for every couple. There are ways that you can find intimacy in your relationship once more, without going on a fancy trip and spending a lot of money. Try some of these of these now, to kick-start your relationship.

  1. Remember the past

Come up with a list of five times that you felt very close to your partner, and have them do the same. Don’t overthink it, and let the memories surface. Then write down all the things you thought and felt about that time. Look at what it made it special for you, and identify those emotions for you both to do in the future. This can help you both say what you need in a relationship out loud, as some partners can assume that the other person knows, when they don’t. It can also help pinpoint some of the reasons why you don’t feel as close now as you did in the past.

  1. Do something special

A great exercise to do together is something your partner loves, but that you aren’t as interested in, so you can learn more about them. If your partner loves cars, go to a car show with him, and let him show you what he’s most interested in. It can be fun to see your partner get passionate about something, and help you reconnect. Talk to each other about the experience afterwards, and let him know that you enjoyed seeing his passion.

  1. Be open and honest

While social media promotes being completely open with all of your friends online, try saving something from your day, and telling only your partner all about it. It doesn’t have to be a big secret, but it will designate your partner as the special person who hears all of your thoughts and feelings from the day, whether good or bad.

  1. Express interests without looking for common ground

Couples may find it threatening if they’re too different from each other. They may think that these opposing interests will drive them apart. But it really is okay to have differing opinions and interests. It can help you both grow up and see a different side of your partner, as a whole person on their own.

  1. Remember why you like your partner

Think about the things that attracted you to your partner when you first met. Remember how it felt when you first fell in love, and try to recreate it. Keep your partner in mind in a positive way.

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Call us at 1-866-XHOTFUN (1-866-946-8386) or send us an email to info@sandybottomsresort.com to book now! We are happy to answer any questions you have about our couples resort in Ontario.

5 Reasons to book a Hedonism Vacation

hedonism resort

Booking a vacation at a hedonism resort in Ontario is something that many couples have thought about and discussed.

Going to an adults only resort and letting lose is something that we have all wanted to do, but there always seems to be something that prevents most of us from actually booking our trip to a couples resort and experiencing all it has to offer first hand.

If you are still on the fence about booking a trip to our hedonism resort in Ontario, here are 5 years you should seriously consider:

  1. New experience: People go to new places because they want to experience something new. This is exactly what you will get at Sandy Bottoms. Our private couples resort is not like anything you have experienced before.
  1. Explore: Whether you are a swinger our simply a couples that wants to explore your desires in a more controlled environment, Sandy Bottoms is the perfect place to mingle with other couples, and explore your desires with your partner.
  1. Privacy: One of the most attractive features of our resort is that it is 100% private. We pride ourselves in offer an exclusive and private adult only resort for our patrons to enjoy, so they can freely enjoy their stay without worrying about anything else.
  1. Vacation of your own design: One of the most exciting things about our resort is that you can design your vacation any way you want. We offer no shortage of events, theme weeks, and adventures for you to check out while you are here.
  1. Break free from it all: Our resort in Ontario allows you to break free away from it all. We aren’t your typical hotel or resort, allowing you to truly escape from daily life. You can kick back, relax, and have a wonderful time.

Leave it all behind for a weekend and make the trip up to Sandy Bottoms. We are only a short drive away. Believe us – it will be a drive you will be glad you made once you get here!