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Hedonism in Ontario? Benefits on Ontario’s Premier Couples Only Resort

That’s right! Did you know that you can experience all that Hedonism other countries have to offer without having the leave the province?

This is why more and more Ontario residents are choosing to visit us each year. We understand that you don’t want to book an extensive trip in another country without knowing what to expect. Stay close to home, and just as much fun with us!

Benefits on Ontario’s Premier Couples Only Resort

So what are some of the benefits of checking out Sandy Bottoms rather than flying to other hedonistic vacation destinations?

  • You will save money
  • We are only short drive away
  • You don’t need a passport
  • We are adults only – no kids, just a relaxing atmosphere that lets you get away from it all
  • No long travel days or flights to book
  • Discretion is guaranteed at all times
  • You will meet local people that share common interests in the lifestyle
  • You can book a stay for a day, weekend, or any length of time that fits within your budget and schedule
  • We offer an amazing calendar of events, allowing you to choose weekends that have themes that suit you best.

Want to learn more about Sandy Bottoms?

Call us at 1-866-XHOTFUN (1-866-946-8386) or send us an email to to book now! We are happy to answer any questions you have about our couples resort in Ontario.